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  1. Event Registration: All participants must register on eventbrite and check-in Friday March 6th after 6pm or Saturday March 7th before noon. The event is free and open to the public. You should bring a laptop. WiFi will be available. 
  1. Team Registration: Each team must register in order to submit the deliverables below. Team registration will begin March 6th at 6pm. Teams will be accepted until Noon on Saturday March 7th, 2015. Each team will: 
  1. be given a team number;  
  1. have a Team Lead who will be the point of contact for the team and register the team and its members name and email addresses;
  1. not to exceed four persons. 
  1. Team leads should obtain a free Github Gitter account where you can post questions and receive realtime updates for the Smart City Challenge Hackathon - Miami github group. 
  1. Deliverables: Each team will develop software and/or harddware to address a challennge by Sunday March 8th at 4pm. 
  1. You should create a github repo for your project. In the readme.md provide a description of your project, team members names and email addresses. 
  1. If you are making your project open source fork your code to the Smart City Challenge Hackathon - Miami github group. Team leads will receive a github invite to join the group and will be responsible to fork their projects prior to 4pm March 8th to be eligible for judging.
  1. Create a Project Page on the Urban Global Datafest website per instructions by Saturday March 7th 1pm.
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Judges will evaluate each team's 5 minute presenation and application. A rubric will be used to assign points for each submission. The top three scoring teams will be awarded prizes. The top two teams will be invited to compete for the global award, $9,000 in cash prizes. (The team's code must be open source to compete for the global prize-- the third place team will serve as an alternate should 1st or 2nd place teams use closed source). In case of a tie, judges will evaluate the completeness of the application as the tie breaker. Judges will not be reviewing code but evaluating the impact and functionality of the application according to the rubric.

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