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jason@addigy.com Addigy - Know your Data (www.addigy.com)
Addigy provides a cloud based IT Management platform for an organization to fully manage their fleet of Mac computers.  Understanding the state of system infrastructure, customer assets, and how customers may use your software is paramount to any business.  Addigy will present 3 important pillars for making the most of your data: (1) Making sense of the data is paramount, reviewing tools like Splunk & ELK stack (Logstash, Elastic Search, Kibana specifically leveraging this Vagrant build)  (2) collecting data especially in mobile or sensor environments with publish/subscribe pubnub, and (3) A new scalable cloud infrastructure tool for data computation in Amazon AWS Lambda (Hadoop/MapReduce can be overkill)
Use the Terrafly API as part of your innovative solution to the Smart City Challenge will qualify you for this challenge. The most useful implementation of the API will be recognized as the winner. Check out the TerraFly quickstart page.

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