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987 days ago
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TerraFly API Challenge:
  •  David Capelli *
  •  Fernando Mendez
  •  Alex Perez 
Steve L IBM Blue Mix Challenge:
  • Alfonso Guerra*
  • Anthony Nunez
Smart City Startup Challenge:
  • Alfonso Guerra*
  • Anthony Nunez
991 days ago
991 days ago
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stonly@urban.us Smart City Startups 2015 Challenge
Smart City Startups is an annual gathering of the most promising startups building solutions that will shape our city's futures over the next decade. 
To teams that uses any API's available from the startups showcasing this year, we are offering free Festival tickets to the event (a $499 per team member value) and an introduction to the founders / developers of the API's you consume.
Here are the startups that offer public API's that don't require proprietary hardware : 
  • https://dash.by/developers - Connect your car to your smartphone, and unlock enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving.
  • https://developer.about.place/ - aboutPLACE Redefines Hyper-Local and Gives Location New Context. Access hyper-local analytics, metrics, maps, visuals and key insights about urbanized areas.
View the list full of startups in case we missed any, good luck, and have fun. 
993 days ago
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  1. Team Registration: Each team must register in order to submit the deliverables below. Team registration will begin March 6th at 6pm. Teams will be accepted until Noon on Saturday March 7th, 2015. Each team will: 
Steve L
  1. be given a team number;  
  1. have a Team Lead who will be the point of contact for the team and register the team and its members name and email addresses;
  1. not to exceed four persons. 
  1. Team leads should obtain a free Github Gitter account where you can post questions and receive realtime updates for the Smart City Challenge Hackacthon - Miami github group. 
  1. Deliverables: Each team will develop software and/or harware to address a challege by Sunday March 8th at 4pm. 
  1. You should create a github repo for your project. In the readme.md provide a description of your project, team members names and email addresses. 
  1. If you are making your project open source fork your code to the Smart City Challenge Hackathon - Miami github group. Team leads will receive a github invite to join the group and will be responsible to fork their projects prior to 4pm March 8th to be eligible for judging.
  1. Create a Project Page on the Urban Global Datafest website per instructions by Saturday March 7th 1pm.
  1. Please note your code must be open source to be considered for the global award
  1.  Presentation: Each team will present the problem their app solves and demo their application in 5 minutes or less addressing the criteria of the judging rubric.
  1.  IP Ownership: All software/hardware created belongs to the developer. 
993 days ago
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Atmel, a leading manufacturer of microcontrollers and touch technology semiconductors for mobile, automotive, industrial and smart energy is DONATING kits for for the Smart City Challenege Hackathon so people who are working on hardware can use it during the weekend. These boards are available on a first come first serve basis with limited quantity. 
Steve L Atmel SAMW25 Xplained Pro:  The Atmel®| SMART SAM W25 Wi-Fi module is based on Atmel’s industry-leading WINC1500 low-power Wi-Fi 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n SoC (System on Chip) and Atmel’s latest ARM® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller technology. This turnkey system provides an integrated software solution with application and security protocols such as TLS, integrated network services (TCP/IP stack) which are available through Atmel’s Studio 6 integrated development platform (IDP).
Atmel I/01 Xplained Pro: The I/O1 Xplained Pro provides a light sensor, temperature sensor, and microSD card. It connects to the extension headers of any Xplained Pro board.
993 days ago
993 days ago
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Steve L Hackathon Tips
  • Focus on developing the most important feature(s) first and work towards producing the simplest version of the app running with a minimal number of  features working. Don't get tied down with compiling a large and untested project at the end of the event. 
  • Divide and conquer: Choose a development approach which allows each team member a way to get engaged immediately. Use an app like Trello to track the features you are developing and the tasks that team members are pursuing.  
  • Create UI menu stubs and objects to show functionality but delay implementing them if they are not critical. For example, don't waste time implementing a user login system, this is not the novel aspect of your app.
  • Eat,  stay hydrated and, yes, SLEEP!
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